AAA Australian Migration Services

Professional, affordable, and reliable migration agent services for your Australian visa application and permanent residency.

Australia Visa Application and Migration Services

About Us

Migration Lawyers in Perth, Western Australia

Kean Legal are now able to provide Migration Services under the banner of AAA Australian Migration Services. 

AAA Australian Migration Services process visa application forms, advise on supporting documents, and stay up to date with relevant government requirements.
AAA Australian Migration Services expertly provide advice on complex immigration matters. If you want to migrate to Australia, our lawyers can assist you.

Who We Are

Kean Legal Barristers & Solicitors now providing Australian Migration Services

AAA Australian Migration Services is provided by Kean Legal Barristers & Solicitors. Our goal is to provide advice, guidance, and help to people who are seeking to migrate to Australia. We will provide assistance to applicants, and businesses in a variety of matters – from visa application, documentation, and the processes involved in migration.

Kean Legal Barristers and Solicitors have previously been retained by Migration Agents to represent their clients before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). 

Who We Help

If you are a student looking to study in Australia, or a skilled professional who has recently acquired employment in the country, AAA Australian Migration Services can help you with the visa application process. 

If your family is looking into migrating permanently to reside in Australia, we can help you clarify the process. 

Book an appointment today to learn more.

AAA Australian Migration Services, we will create personalized migration strategies, based on your circumstance. 

This allows AAA Australian Migration Services to assist each of our clients in the best way possible. 

We believe that through our personalized approach, we help our clients achieve their best possible chance of obtaining their desired migration outcome. 

We commit to providing excellence in service and advice to AAA Australian Migration Services clients.


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