General Drug Offences

General Drug Offences in Australia

Several activities involving illicit drugs that are not directly related to the possession, supply or manufacture of illicit drugs can be deemed illegal pursuant to the laws of Western Australia. In general, being involved with someone who is involved with any activity with illicit drugs could end with you being charged with a crime.

If you help someone plan or execute a drug offence, you may also be charged. For example, you can be charged in the following situations:

  1. Participating in an offence even without profiting from the offence. This included packing, transporting, manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs or prohibited plants. Financing and managing illicit drug trafficking, manufacturing and cultivation are also considered as a drug offence.
  2. Being an accessory to the manufacturing, cultivating and trafficking of illicit drugs are also drug offences. This includes working as a guard or a clerical position in an organization or group involved in illicit drug manufacturing and selling.
  3. Inciting a person to participate in a drug offence is also illegal. Encouraging someone to grow cannabis or manufacture illegal drugs is also punishable by law.
  4. Conspiring to plan, manufacture and commit a drug offence is also punishable by law.

If you are caught in possession or trafficking drugs, you will be charged depending on the type of drug that you have, how much you possess during the arrest and where you bought the drug. If you are arrested and need Bail you need to make the first bail application the best application possible. Do not risk it. Call our after-hours number 6323 8697 for legal advice. We can arrange for a lawyer to make the bail application and represent you in the Perth Courts, even on the Weekend.

Drug possession includes having drugs in your pockets, in your home, or with someone else. You may have an arguable defence if you have drugs in your home but you have no control over the drugs. Drug possession can have significant penalties.

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