Frequently Asked Questions for Criminal Defense

Looking for a professional defense attorney for your legal needs? Kean Legal Barristers & Solicitors can help.

Do I need a lawyer at my arraignment?

Most cases do not require you to have a lawyer at your arraignment. However, consulting with a defense lawyer is essential before you enter a plea. If there is no attorney present during your arraignment, the courts will proceed in giving you a formal account of your charges.

Can I get a court to appoint a lawyer for me?

There are criteria to meet to have a court appoint a lawyer for you.  Some may not require qualifications while others may require proof of your inability to afford legal counsel.

How can I find a private defense lawyer?

You can seek private counsel from reputable barristers and solicitors in Western Australia. Several resources are available online. For defense counsel needs in Western Australia, Kean Legal Barristers & Solicitors is an excellent resource to find lawyers.

How much does a private lawyer cost?

There is no clear answer to the amount of fees a lawyer may charge. The differences in the experiences they offer can cause the amount to vary anywhere from $100 to $1000 per hour. Some defense lawyers charge based on the complexity or the severity of the case.

Should I attend a police interview without legal counsel?

It would be ideal to attend a police inquisition with legal counsel present. Unless you’re planning to exercise your right to remain silent and you’re confident in your ability to remain silent and calm under pressure and in stressful situations. A defense lawyer can help you handle such situations professionally without discriminating yourself.