Employment Law Western Australia

Employment Law Western Australia

Employment Law in Western Employee helps protect employee rights. Employees in Australia are protected both by the Federal and State Laws. Businesses must comply with the current employment laws governing Western Australia. If you find yourself in a situation that you are mistreated or illegally dismissed by your company, you might want to hire an expert representation from Kean Legal Barristers & Solicitors to aid you. Companies can also hire our lawyers to investigate their existing policies and prevent possible legal issues arising in the future.

Key Areas of Employment Law

Unfair Dismissal

Employees, dismissed from their jobs without due process or against the terms of their working contracts can seek legal advice and file a complaint against his or her employer. All employees are entitled to continue being employed unless provided with just cause and reason. Employees in the workforce are protected by the Fair Work Commission. This body relies on a strict procedure that determines whether an employee is being unfairly dismissed or not.

In most cases, especially for small businesses, an unfair dismissal case is already disastrous for the business’ reputation. You can check if your business is within the required legislation by having an employment lawyer review your employment documents.

Employment Contracts

The agreement between an employer and the employee should outline the rights and obligations to both parties during the employment. There are legal minimums that should be stipulated in the employment contract as stated by law. Failure to include such and failure to meet these obligations may result in an unfair dismissal claim.

Having an employment law lawyer look into your employment contracts ensures that your terms are compliant with the current law. Doing so protects your business in the event of disputes or unfair dismissal cases that may arise in the future.

Workplace Disputes

There are many types of work disputes that may lead to a complaint or a court case. This may include bullying, discrimination as well as harassment. This could be among employees, a manager, and an employee or the other way around. Such can be on-going issues that have been in the workplace for a long time or a one-time incident.

Federal System Employment Law

The National workplace relations systems are referred to as the Fair Work system and were created by the Fair Work Act 2009. Those under the Fair Work system must work under the constitutional corporation. These include a financial corporation formed and trading in Australia as well as a foreign corporation that does business in Australia.

Employees and employers alike have the same rights and obligations in the workplace, regardless of what State they may be located at. They may enjoy the freedom of association and involvement in lawful industrial activities. They are also protected from discrimination, unfair dismissal as well as granting remedies.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against or exploited on the above grounds, you may file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. However, legal advice from an expert employment law lawyer can help you resolve your case with knowledge.

Kean Legal Barristers & Solicitors assist both businesses and employees to comply with the requirements of the Fair Work Act, workplace awards, and agreements as well as State Legislation.
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