Drug Use and Possession Offence

Drug Use and Possession Offences in Western Australia

Illegal Drug use and possession are serious offences in Western Australia, you can be charged pursuant to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1981. It is also an offence to let anyone administer illegal drugs to you, or for you to administer illegal drugs to anyone else.

Smoking, inhaling or ingesting drugs, or administering it to someone else can lead to criminal charges. Creating smoke or fumes that cause illegal drugs to be inhaled – intentionally, or unintentionally can also lead to criminal charges.

Just being present in a place where illegal drugs are used or are conducted can also be grounds for a criminal offence. Allowing other people to use your home or location as a place for drugs can also lead to criminal charges.

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A conviction for drug charges can lead to penalties of fines and or imprisonment being imposed. Even just possession of drug paraphernalia can lead to penalties of fines and or imprisonment when convicted. Drug offences are criminal offences and a conviction can make it difficult to acquire a job or travel overseas. Call one of our Criminal Lawyers to get advice now, on either our 24/7 Hotline on (08) 63238697 or our office on (08) 63238613

Cannabis Intervention Requirement (‘CIR’)

Cannabis Intervention Requirement Scheme is issued by the police, legislated under the Misuse of Drugs Act, and the Young Offender’s Act if the amount of drug detected is suitable and it is your first offence as an adult or first or second as a juvenile. The CIR program to increase awareness of the laws and how illegal drugs affect a person’s health and well-being. Failure to attend this CIR program may lead to you being prosecuted. You need to be older than 14 years old to be eligible for the CIR program.

Drug Possession Offences in Western Australia

Drug possession is a criminal offence in Western Australia. Possession may be defined as simple as having illegal drugs in your personal belongings or your home as well as possessing illicit drugs together with another person. Possession of prescription drugs is also illegal if you do not have a doctor’s prescription for them.

A conviction for drug possession has serious consequences and can include a penalty of imprisonment.

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