Drug Offences

Drug Offences in Western Australia

Drug offences are governed by several acts, both State and Federal including the Misuse of Drugs Act (1981) in Western Australia. Possession, manufacturing, cultivating and supply of illegal drugs are all governed by legislation. Depending on the circumstances you may be prosecuted under Federal Legislation.

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Generally, drug offences can be divided into:

  • Possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Indirect or General Drug Offences
  • Supplying of illegal drugs
  • Manufacturing, this can include ownership or control of equipment and precursor chemicals
  • Trafficking controlled substances Intrastate, Interstate, or Internationally
  • Cultivation and sale of illegal and controlled substances

Penalties are of varying degrees, depending on the type and quantity of illegal drugs and whether the offence is a repeat offence or not. There are also Drug Court which forms part of the Magistrates Court of Western Australia. Depending on your circumstances and the charges you may be eligible to have your charges dealt with by this court.  Call +61 8 6323 8613 today for free general advice regarding this.

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