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Call us now, do not risk making a Bail Application unrepresented. If you are making a bail application there may only be one chance of making the bail application. If you are applying for what is defined as a “Schedule 2” bail application then you will only get one chance to make that application. 

You need to make the first bail application the best application possible. You should make the application with any supporting evidence that may be relevant. For instance character references, work history, as well as arguments about the strength of the prosecution case. You should not risk it given you may only have one shot at making the bail application. Call our after-hours number +61 8 6323 8613 for legal advice.

We can arrange for a lawyer to make the application and represent you in the Perth Courts, even on the Weekend.

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Alternatively, we provide a service whereby a prior appointment you may attend court offices for an initial consultation limited to one hour for a booking fee of $250.00. There is no obligation to engage our services after the initial consultation.

What is a Schedule 2 Bail Application?

Pursuant to the Bail Act 1982 it is when if you are arrested and charged in relation to a serious offence, and the serious offence is alleged to have been committed while you were either on bail for a serious offence or at liberty under an early release order made in respect of another serious offence.

Schedule 2 of the Bail Act 1982 defines what is considered a serious charges pursuant to the Bail Act 1982.

What if you have breached bail?

If you have breached you bail and are seeking to have it reinstated then this is a more serious problem. Please see our post about breaching bail.

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