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In need of legal advice or a criminal lawyer to appear at a Bail Application? Unsure?

Call us now, do not risk making a Bail Application unrepresented. If you are making a bail application and it is what is defined as a “schedule 2” bail application, there may only be one chance of making the bail application.

You need to make the first bail application the best application possible. Do not risk it. Call our after-hours number +61 8 6323 8613 for legal advice.

We can arrange for a lawyer to make the application and represent you in the Perth Courts, even on the Weekend.

Worried about the likely prospects of a successful bail application? Ready to get some common sense legal advice?
Call +61 8 6323 8613 to speak to a lawyer.

Alternatively, we provide a service whereby a prior appointment you may attend court offices for an initial consultation limited to one hour for a booking fee of $250.00. There is no obligation to engage our services after the initial consultation.

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Please note, if it is urgent please call our after-hours number +61 8 6323 8613 for legal advice

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Kean Legal Barristers & Solicitors adalah kantor hukum yang praktek di bidang keluarga dan kriminal. Kantor kita berlokasi di lantai 4, 16 Irwin Chambers, Perth. Jika anda perlu berbicara dengan pengacara yang bisa berbicara Bahasa Indonesia, silahkan telepon kantor kami dan minta bicara dengan bapak Joshua Muljohardjo.

Di bidang keluarga, kita bisa membantu dengan masalah perkawinaan, gugatan perceraian dan pembagian harta perkawinan, pengasuhan / perwalian anak, perlindungan, hukum benda, perikatan dan waris.

Di bidang kriminal kita bisa membantu anda dengan kasus lalu lintas, narkoba dan kekerasan.