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Kean Legal Barristers & Solicitors is a professional legal services established in 2017 by Travis Kean. Travis had previously practiced in criminal law, and family law for several years. The legal skillset from practicing in commercial litigation when he first started his legal career gave him a very methodical approach to the law.

The first Kean Legal office was located on Level 15 of the AMP Tower at 140 St Georges Terrace, Perth Western Australia. The firm initially practicing as a sole practitioner. It has since grown to a team of lawyers and a rotating roster of paralegals.

In 2018 due to staff growth, the office moved to Level 4 of Irwin Chambers at 16 Irwin Street, Perth Western Australia. Now, located near to the Magistrates Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court, and Family Court. This has been incredibly convenient enabling us to being able to attend Court on short notice. Further whilst at Court being able to redraft documents then print them with a short walk literally across the road from the Central Law Courts building.

What Makes Us Different

Travis’s previous background in Information Technology is also reflected in the firm’s progressive use of technology and knowledge of modern-day “Cyber Crime”. This increases our efficiency and flexibility. We offer countless productivity-boosting features and time-saving tools that reduce non-billable time. We believe that you shouldn’t be charged with time-consuming administrative work and this is reflected in our economic rates.

Professional Legal Services

We LISTEN to our clients; then PLAN based on our clients’ needs, wants and resources; which enables our clients to attain real RESULTS.

We LISTEN to our clients then PLAN with our clients based on our clients’ needs, wants, and resources as the matter progress we provide ongoing ANALYSIS to our clients which enables our clients to attain real RESULTS.

We will listen to you carefully take their instructions. We will take comprehensive instructions regarding your legal matter. This will include the initial interview and a thorough review of any related documentation.

Together with you, we will plan a road map to achieve your desired outcome. Then we plan with you based on your needs, wants, and resources. This will be done in consultation with you as there may be more than one approach.

As we represent you in your matter we will keep you updated and seek your instructions whenever appropriate. As the matter progresses we provide an ongoing breakdown of what is happening in your matter, and analysis of your options. Then as new aspects of your matter arise, we will provide you with options and advice for you to be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

From when we first meet we will discuss what outcomes are possible and which result you would prefer given your preferences and resources. The results we achieve with you should be the best result possible, as defined by you. By doing all the above it enables you to stay in control of your matter, know what is going on, and to attain relevant results for you.

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