Children Contact In a Divorce Western Australia

Children’s contact is a very important aspect that both couples, in a separation or divorced relationship. How, when, and how long each parent will be able to maintain contact with their children are formalized though the Family Court, giving both parties certainties and written in a formal and legal agreement.

Live With Orders and Time With Orders

Children contact can be categorized under the living conditions or the Live With Orders and the time frame or Time With Orders. These orders addresses basic parenting issues such as:

  • Who will the child/children live with
  • When can a child see the other parent and in under what conditions
  • What school will the child attend at
  • Is he child to be brought up to a certain religion
  • Medical treatment options for the child

When can a child see the relatives of the other parent and in under what conditions

The Court orders the best possible interest for the child after the separation or the dissolution of the marriage. Although at times, this formal agreement may not be necessary if the parents of the child agreed to an amicable arrangement without assistance. This is possible since everyone applying to a Family Court for a parenting order must attend and attempt to arrive into an amicable agreement via a dispute resolution service. This is always possible unless the situation fits one of the exceptions set out in the Family Law Act.

An expert Family Law lawyer may be required to represent a child in a violent scenario to be able to ensure that the voice of the child will be heard.

Should I See A Lawyer?

Some may see a family dissolution as a very personal situation. Hiring a professional lawyer can help you get through the process without having to worry about confidentiality. At any stage of the fall out, you are ensured that you are getting an unbiased and legal advice.

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