Cultivation and Sale of Controlled Plants in Western Australia

Cultivation and sale of controlled plants in Western Australia are considered illegal. Allowing anyone else to grow, manufacture, or prepare illegal drugs on your property is also a criminal act.

Cultivating is defined as planting seeds, watering and picking the leaved of a prohibited or controlled plant. The possession of materials, machineries and other items that aids the manufacture of any illegal drug is also an offence in Western Australia.

Leasing premised to be used for the cultivation, manufacture and preparation of illegal drugs is also a drug offence.

Cultivating, manufacturing and preparation of illegal drugs and controlled plants, when convicted, has a maximum penalty of $100,000 and/or 25 years in prison. Conspiring to grow and make drugs has a fine of $75,000 and/or 20 years in prison.

Cultivation of Illegal Drugs in Western Australia

Cultivating a prohibited plant with the intention of supplying or trafficking it to a person or organization is a criminal offence. Cultivate can also be synonymous to growing, sowing or scattering the seeds, planting, tending, nurturing and harvesting or a prohibited plant.

Cannabis leaf cultivation with intention to supply and sell is treated less seriously in Western Australia. However, cultivation of small amounts of the prohibited plant for personal use is considered as a drug possession offence.

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